Monday, 17 April 2017

How to Find Experts Dealing with Office and Home Aircon Maintenance Services

Since time immemorial, accessing a reliable expert to install an air conditioning system in your premises has never been a walk in the park. Anytime you are in the business of looking for pros dealing with aircon installation and maintenance, you must approach this exercise with extreme caution. There are several factors that must be put into consideration if you want to access an expert offering aircon services who will get your job perfectly done. This write- up will provide you with DIY tips on how to maintain an aircon as well as provide you with tricks that can assist you secure a reliable person dealing with aircon installation and maintenance services in Singapore. 

Tips on How to Maintain an Aircon: What you Need to Know

Things you will Require:

- Bottlebrush or piece of wire for cleaning drainage tube
- Screwdriver for removing cover
-Shop vac plus water and soap
- Chlorine bleach

Tip# 1: Unplugging the Aircon:
First and foremost, you will be required to unplug your aircon and remove carefully its front cover. You’ll then be required to attach the filter to the front or back cover or fasten it in front of the coils.

Tip# 2: Removing the Filter:
Carefully remove the filter and wash it using warm water together with an effective cleansing agent. Squeeze out carefully as much water as you can and then let the filter to dry properly before reinstalling it. In case you realise that your filter is torn or damaged, it is ideal that you consider replacing it.

Tip# 3: Vacuuming the Grill and Coils:
Gently vacuum the grill as well as the evaporator coils. Basically, due to the fact that aluminium fins present on the coils are often easily bent, it is important that you handle them with care.

Tip# 4: Cleaning the Drainage System:
Clear any blockages present in the drain tube carefully by running a bottlebrush or a piece of wire through the tube. Once you’re done, clean the tube using a mixture of chlorine and water and you are done with the cleaning process. Let us now have a look at some of the tricks that can help you locate pros specialising with both home and office aircon maintenance services.

How to Find Experts Dealing with Office and Home Aircon Maintenance Services in Singapore

* Searching for People Dealing with Aircon Maintenance Online:-
Are you aware that the internet is one sure place that can give you any information you may wish to know about aircon maintenance services in Singapore? Generally, when looking for pros to install or repair your air conditioning, simply Google “People Dealing with Both Office and Home Aircon Maintenance in Singapore” and you’ ll be provided with several people that you can put into consideration.

However, since the internet is one of the places also that a person can easily get misled or conned, you must ensure that you only put into consideration information that you are very sure is coming from reliable sources.

* Get some recommendations
You can get recommendations from your family and friends about experts dealing with aircon services that they have ever come across. In case you come along such people, try to inquire about the people dealing with air conditioning installation and maintenance service they know, how professional the pros they know are and also let them give you an estimate of what to expect to pay when hiring them.

*. Meeting the Experts you’ve Located
After getting several recommendations, you must be able to come out with a list of experts dealing with aircon maintenance in Singapore that you feel are the most competent. Meet the experts you’ve selected so that you can have an opportunity of inquiring more about their services. It is ideal that the experts you meet issue you with lists of their previous clients so that you can call them and verify how professional or reliable these people you opt to hire are.

*Considering Pros Who are Experienced:
A person who has been dealing with the business of aircon maintenance services in Singapore for many years will most probably give you better services than an individual who is new in that business. Therefore, it is important that you consider a person who is experienced if you want services that are appealing in the long run.

*Working with Licensed and Insured Experts:
It is important that you hire a person dealing with aircon maintenance services who is insured since he/ she will make sure that you’re compensated should it happen that you suffer from damages that the person attending to your aircon needs has insured against. Also, consider working with a person who is licensed as it is a clear indication that you will be dealing with an individual who is recognised by the government of Singapore.

*Working with Pros Offering Affordable Quotes:
Eliminate the other people offering aircon services in Singapore using the afore- mentioned tips and consider working with an expert who does not only give you affordable quotes but also one who assures you with satisfactory end results.

Tips and Warning 

Beware of people offering aircon Services who;
(i) Refuse to give you copies of licenses as well as certificates of insurance as it proves that they are unprofessional

(ii) Literally, pop up from nowhere. They do not have any references and have fixed business addresses

(iii) Are very eager to get the job underway even before the paperwork is completed. They will basically tell you that you do not need to sign the contract immediately while on the other hand, they want you to pay upfront

(iv) Try to get you buy stuff that you already have. Do not be tempted to install another HVAC if you already have one

(v) Ask you to pay for a job yet even the materials haven’t arrived

(vii) Use scare tactics when getting you to sign for extras. The wall can’t crumble just because you do not have the modern expensive sidings

Last, but definitely not the least, any agreement with the person you hire should be in writing so that you can have something to produce as proof in the future should its need arise.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Useful Tips On Aircon And Aircon Servicing

Air con is a home appliance that uses refrigeration mechanism to extract heat from an area. Most homes around the world are fitted with this appliance to control the heat. Homes in areas below sea level use air con to cool the house down due to extremely high temperatures. Air cons require regular servicing for it to remain offering the service without failing. While most people can go for years without doing air condition servicing, those who understand its benefits and the reasons for servicing it cannot postpone a scheduled service. Singapore, for instance, is one country that has lots of air cons fitted in homes.

Reasons for doing air con service

There are a number of reasons every person who has an air con needs to service it. Here are just a few of them.

· ·Enjoy cleaner air- clean air is important to your health. Ensuring that you are breathing clean air especially in your house should be paramount. Most people prefer to switch their air conditioners on at night. Doing regular air con service will ensure that fresh air free of germs and other disease-causing bacteria is flowing through the house. In the end, you will realize that your doctor appointments will reduce and in the process save you tons of money.

· Improve air con efficiency- dust and other debris that may have deposited on the air con can substantially reduce its efficiency. Since it runs on a motor, if dust is deposited it can reduce the speed at which it rotates. That would mean that even the energy consumption will go up. Servicing it will also ensure that you save on utility bills such as electricity bills.

· Prolong its durability- we all hate to buy the same thing all the time. Air con is a machine, and every machine needs to be serviced. Be it a motor vehicle or an iron box. The air conditioner is no different. Regular servicing will not only ensure that any faults are detected early it will also ensure that you do not go back to the store to purchase another unit before the shelf life of the one you have expires.

· Regular diagnosis- the air con servicing technician will always diagnose your unit to check if there are any problems with it. Detecting a problem early is helpful since it can be repaired before the whole unit breaks down. In turn that will save you money from repairing a broken one or even replacing it. These early problems could be it has a leakage which you would not have noticed if you have not scheduled a service in the first place.

Choose the right person or company

At the heart of air con service is getting the right person to do the job. So when you are looking for someone to service your unit, take time to research the best person for the job. Someone who understands what they are doing is who you should be looking for. There are many companies and freelance technicians in Singapore who claim to do air con servicing. It is recommendable that you get one who is trusted and stick with them. It is always good to take preventive measures so you might want to find out if they are licensed before you hire them.

What are the major air con problems?

There are several common problems that you might encounter with your air con. These could be the first telltale signs that your air con needs servicing or perhaps a service is overdue. Here are some of the common ones.

· Failing to turn on- this problem can be as a result of a faulty wire or a burnt fuse or perhaps a problem with the thermostat. If you encounter such a problem, disconnect the power from the main switch and contact a licensed repair firm or your trusted repair technician.

· Vibration of the fans- the fans are supposed to remove the heat from inside or a room and release that heat to the atmosphere. If the fans are vibrating and you can tell they are not performing as they should then perhaps there is a problem with the motor or the capacitor. If you encounter such problems, make sure you contact a licensed servicing firm. The technician might advise you consider replacing faulty part.

· Leakages- leaks, when an attended, can render the unit useless. Leaks can attract molds which can form around the fans. At the earliest citing of a drip immediately contact your servicing company for assistance.

How do you know if your air conditioner needs servicing?

There are several signs you should be looking out for to know if your air con requires a service. These signs include;

· Unusual noises- when you have stayed with an air con for long you get accustomed to its usual sound which is very minimal noise. Due to continued usage of the unit, some parts begin to wear out and hence start to make some unusual noises. If you encounter such noises that are to mean your unit needs to be serviced.

· Continuous running- the air con is designed in such a way that it runs for some time then pauses for the room temperature to adjust again then it automatically turns itself on. If it runs continuously, it can only mean either the cooling capacity has greatly reduced or the temperature sensors are faulty. Either way, you need to contact your technician or your servicing company to do that.

· Frequently turning on and off- there are intervals when the air con should turn on and off. If this interval reduced, it means that either the temperature sensors are broken, or there is a problem with the fuses. Either way, you need to contact the servicing company or technician and schedule a service.


Air cons are sensitive gadgets and require regular servicing. Getting the right person to service them is a good place to start to ensure the lifespan of your unit is increased. Waiting for long before servicing your air con can lead to it breaking down and hence cost you more money. There are a number of good and licensed companies in Singapore you just need to find the right one and at the correct price. The benefits of regularly servicing the unit are numerous and at the top of them is a healthy life and prolonged lifespan. So don’t wait until your unit breaks down, look for the telltale signs and schedule a service.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Signs That Your Aircon Needs Servicing

Air conditioning can be seen as the most important component in keeping our homes comfortable as possible. Significant changes in the airflow circulation can be almost felt instantly when the aircon is powered up. Room temperature rise during the monsoon seasons in Singapore making it uncomfortable to stay indoors. Air conditioners are responsible for bringing down high room temperature by cooling down the air. Humidity levels is also controlled through the use of aircon and contribute to making our homes as relaxing as possible. Regular servicing ensures that the aircon continues to perform optimally. However, many people have a hard time noticing that their air conditioners needs servicing. Ensuring that the air conditioner is taken for scheduled maintenance could save you from incurring costs in getting it repaired or ultimately having to replace your unit. Here are some signs that your aircon needs immediate attention.

No cool air is flowing
Cooling our homes is one of the main reasons why people buy air conditioners. Lack of cool airflow is one problem you should be on the look out for. Most people dismiss the lack of cool air flowing as a simple problem only to realize later it was part of a bigger problem. Lack of cool airflow shows that either the compressor or the freon levels are dangerously low. The problem begins manifesting when the aircon isn't routinely checked for any problems. Initially, the aircon will struggle to keep the air temperatures low thereby forcing its users to run it on full blast. Dust might be clogging the vents causing the air conditioner's efficiency to reduce drastically. Dust build up damages circuits within the aircon and ultimately destroy the device. We are encouraged to routinely take our devices for aircon services, aircon servicing, and aircon cleaning. You can also request the technician to come and check if the aircon is too heavy.

Produces a lot of noise
Noise coming from the aircon is an indicator that there is some debris is stuck in the fan. Debris stuck in the air conditioner could be contributing to an increase in wear and tear of the components of the aircon. With continued use, the air filters get damaged and debris gets sucked in into the air conditioner. Debris such as dust, metallic particles, and twigs hinder the working of mechanical components. The air conditioner will start producing peculiar noises and overtime this noise could become too much. You can routinely confirm if there is debris stuck by setting the aircon to run in full blast. The intense vibrations will alert you that there might be something stuck. If you suspect that there might be something stuck in the air-conditioner, request for aircon maintenance and servicing. Always be cautious of any noises produced by your aircon, they could serve as an early warning that something is stuck.

Old components could be falling apart and contributing to the noise. When taken for maintenance, the aircon screws are tightened thus reduced instances of vibrations.

When your electric bills increase
Most people ignore the sudden rise in the amount they pay in power bills. Failing components within the air conditioner such as the thermostat, clogged fans, and compressor problems often lead to more power usage. When one or more components fail they cause the air conditioner to use up more power thus driving your bill higher. If you have a strict habit of monitoring your electric bills noting the sudden changes will be an easy task. You can start by comparing your past three months electric bills and note if there is a constant increase in the amount paid. One simple way used in noting more power consumption is by keeping track of all electric devices used in the house. Small appliances contribute less to high electric bills are often powered down. The aircon, however, is mostly powered up and used more during specific seasons. You can keep track of when the aircon was mostly used and use that to determine if it consuming more power.

You can measure the device's voltages and power consumption if you have the technical know-how. If your suspicions have been confirmed true then it is the high time the air conditioner is taken in for aircon services, aircon servicing, and maintenance.

Foul smell coming from the aircon
A foul smell is an indicator that there is something wrong with the air conditioner. Bugs and small creatures could be stuck within the air conditioner thus contributing to the bad odor. A soggy filter and a damaged compressor could also be the source of the bad smell. Different manufacturers use modern coolants and when it leaks in the aircon it produces a foul smell. The odor should be used as an early warning that the aircon is having trouble and requires immediate attention. Humidity levels in the house can also be used in confirming that the aircon is properly working. When an air conditioner isn't working properly the house tends to get stuffy. High humidity encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi cultures. During the monsoon season in Singapore, these cultures could eat up your clothes, carpet, and furniture. It is important that we maintain clear airflow to prevent this build up.

Leakages and moisture build up
Leakages coming from the aircon could lead to serious health complications. Chemicals used as coolants are generally toxic. When you note any type of fluid leak coming from the aircon you should exercise caution and call an aircon expert right away. Ignoring the leaks could put you and your family in harm's way. Manufacturers emphasize on the use of an air conditioner for a specific period and after that, it is prone to damage. Moving components experience wear and tear which could lead to the development of leaks.

Moisture build up is also experienced while the air conditioner cools the air. During seasons of high humidity, air conditioners are prone to water forming and settling in the electrical system. When the water is let to build up it damages the electrical circuits within the air conditioner. To prevent these aircon services, aircon servicing and maintenance experts recommend that we apply silica gel to protect the circuits.

To ensure that your aircon outlives its lifespan, it is important that we stay on the lookout for any of the mentioned signs. Many people are afraid of calling technicians as fear incurring huge bills. However, this is not the case and technicians always have your best interest at heart. If the air conditioner is still under the warranty period, you can call the manufacturer and get free servicing. Do not let the small problem end up destroying your valuable device as it costs more to replace the whole unit.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Importance Of Air Conditioner Servicing

You wouldn't own a car without taking it in for routine maintenance service calls; the same treatment should be given if you own an air conditioner unit. The facts are if you don't regularly have air con services done your group will end up needing costly repairs, just like a car would if you didn't take it in for routine maintenance. You may find the unit will break down right in the heat of the summer, just when you need it the most. An air unit may require routine servicing at least once a year. While these units are built be tough, they need to be properly taken care of.

If an air conditioner isn't routinely serviced, it will deteriorate around five percent of its efficiency every year it is ignored. If you would start right now to maintain your air unit yearly, you can make up for the lost energy. Think about this, a well-serviced unit will run more efficiently, and will, therefore, save on utility costs. You will more than make up the cost of the service through the savings on your cooling bill, not to mention possibly avoiding any repair costs. A unit that runs more efficiently will pull the moisture out of the air faster and provides colder air.

Having the air conditioner receive air con services is as easy as picking up the phone and calling your local heat and air company for a technician. They will come out and inspect and thoroughly clean the unit. They will also make sure the amp draw is correct with the compressor. They will oil the fan motors. An air unit contains belts that need to be examined for wear and replaced or adjusted if necessary. A qualified technician will know to check for pressure and temperature levels according to the manufacturer's specifications.

The coolant level is critical for your air conditioner to be able to produce cold air. Without this coolant, known as Freon, the unit would just blow room temperature air. For the best efficiency, this level needs to be kept at 100%. Even if it is just 10% low, the efficiency of the unit will go way down. If it is just 20% low, you won't have cold air. This is one of the major things to check in the yearly service call. Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon or a CFC. Another coolant called Puron is being used to replace Freon in newer units because it is considered safer.

To help keep air con services less expensive, you can do a few things through the year to help maintain your air conditioner. Buy and replace air filters often. Examine them once a month to see if they are dirty, when they are, replace them. Make sure to keep the yard area trimmed around the outside unit. Don't hesitate to call for the annual servicing which will likely save your air unit and keep it running well for years to come. These units are tough, but keeping them maintained and service will make them even tougher.

Air Conditioner Service and Repair Calls.
Having your air conditioner serviced by an air con services professional will help the utility bills to be lower because a properly maintained unit will run more efficiently. So many fail to do this one simple thing each year, and while it may be a few years, eventually the unit will break down. Then a costly repair call will have to be made. A qualified technician knows just what your particular brand needs and can help you to help it run well for years and years. Just pick up the phone and call your local heat and air technician.

Proper servicing of the air conditioner means a thorough cleaning should be done to the coils, registers and drip pan, and line. The fan runs off a motor that requires proper lubrication. The belts can become slacked and may need adjusting, or they may be worn and need replacing. The compressor needs a close examination also to ensure it is running properly. If the technician finds anything wrong with these areas they can repair/replace parts during the service call before it becomes an emergency repair call. Having a professional to do this ensures they know what to look at and how to service and repair the unit properly.

While your air conditioner is receiving the air con services, you may want to observe the technician and ask questions about how you can better help to maintain it. Different types and brands require different maintenance to keep them running well for years. Certain parts of the air unit need to be cleaned, up to four times a year, while other parts only require a yearly cleaning. Ask how you can do the maintenance throughout the year to avoid having to call them. They will be glad to offer advice and suggestions on helping to safely maintain the unit.

If you notice that your air conditioner isn't cooling as well as it should before your next scheduled service call, you should call for a technician to have a look. It may be an issue that would be an inexpensive fix. It may be if you waited, it would turn into a costly repair. Something as simple as adjusting the fan motor belt may be the issue. If you waited and allowed the belt to continue to slack, it may end up breaking, and this could cause more costly repairs as a result. Things can start to wear out or break, even between service calls, but having the unit repaired properly helps these calls to be far and few between.

When you call for aircon services, let the technician know you if you've noticed the unit isn't cooling as efficiently as it was. They are qualified to know what to look for when examining the unit. Each manufacturer and type are different. Some will require servicing of different parts to help keep it well maintained. You will see the difference in your electric bill if you keep your air conditioner serviced at least once a year. A well-maintained unit will run more efficiently.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

How To Remove Air Conditioner Odor?

When you come to home from hot and humid environment then you wish to get comfort in your home with the help of cool air from your air conditioner. But sometime you get a bad odor from your air conditioner and instead of comfort you get a bad feeling with it. In this situation you wish to remove the bad odor from your air condoner as soon as possible, but most of the time you do how to remove air conditioner odor and you get no positive result with it. If you are also facing or dealing with the same problem then you can follow these tips to get rid of bad odor from your aid conditioner.

Clean the drain pipe: Most of the time you get bad odor from your air conditioner because of fungus and bacterial growth in your drain pipe. The most annoying thing about this issue is that most of the time people never think that drain pipe can be the culprit of bad odor. So, it is suggested that you first check the drain pipe and if that the bad odor is coming from drain pipe, then clean it thoroughly. To clean the drain pipe, you can simply use a bleaching agent mix with water and you can flush the drain pipe with it. This simple process can help you get rid of bad odor from your air conditioner and you will be able to get the best result with it in easy manner.

Clean drain pot: Just like drain pipe, drain pot can be also the source of bad odor and to remove this bad smell from your air conditioner. For cleaning this drain pot you don’t have to do a lot of thing because a simple cleaning with diluted bleaching solution will be able to remove all the bad smelling organisms from your pot. That means with this simple cleaning process you will be able to remove the bad and musty smell or odor form your home in easy ways and you will be able to get a comfortable

Get rid of smoke odor: If you or anyone else does smoking in your house then you can surely have a bad odor in your home because of that smoking habit. Ideally your air conditioner should take up to 10 minute to remove that bad odor from your room. So, it is advisable that if you are getting bad odor in your room because of smoking in your home or in that room, then instead of doing anything just allow your air conditioner to run for 10 minutes. In this time you should be able to have fresh smell again and if you do not get fresh smell but this time then consider it is some other problem that is giving bad odor to your air conditioner. In this case, you should try other methods of removing this smell form your air conditioner.

Clean dead animal: Many times your air conditioner becomes the final resting place of many small animals. Eventually those animals start decaying inside your air conditioner and then you get a very bad odor from your AC because of those animals. To deal with this situation first you need to remove the front panel of your air conditioner and then you need to check if you have any dead animal inside your air conditioner. For checking this you can use a flash light and if you see any kind of dead animals inside your air conditioner then your need to remove that completely form your AC. When you remove the dead animals make sure your air conditioner is unplugs from power supply and you are a good quality rubber gloves for protection of any infection because of these dead animals.

Clean vegetations: Just like animals you air conditioner can be the home for a number of small funguses, and other minute vegetations. Reason of this deposition could be anything but this kind of vegetation and moulds deposition can be the cause of bad odor from your air conditioner and you can get rid of that bad odor only by removing this small growth. In order to remove this growth and mould deposition you can simply use a good quality cleaning solution for removing of all the dust and dirt from it. When you will do it then you will not only make your air conditioner free from all kind of odor or bad smell but you will make it equally healthy as well. Also, it will help you get the best and most effective result also with this method in easy ways.

Fix the gas leak: Sometime gas leaks from your air conditioner can also cause the bad odor and you can fix that situation only by fixing the gas leak. In order to fix that gas leak it is suggested that you call an experienced technician for same as you cannot fix it by yourself. Also, when you call the technician for fixing of gas leak, then make sure you ask him to top up the gas also, else you will not get proper cooling with it and it might give some other kind of bad odor to you. So, if you notice any bad odor in your air conditioner and you are not getting enough cooling also then you should directly call a technician for fixing the gas leak instead of looking for other reason and solution of the bad odor from your air conditioner.

Get rid of dirt and dust: This might be the last thing that I am sharing you to get rid of bad odor from your air conditioner, but this is one of the most important things that you need to do for that. For removing dirt and dust from your air conditioner first you can change the air filter with a new one and then you can do the cleaning of you air conditioner with bleach or some other chemical solution. And when you will do this then you will get rid of bad odor from your air conditioner along with dust and dirt.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Faulty Aircon- Replace or Repair

An air conditioner commonly known as an aircon is a device that expels heat from the air inside a closed space such as a building or a vehicle and strives to lower the temperature of the air in that space. As a matter of fact, air conditioning interferes with the properties of air such as temperature and humidity to create suitable conditions. In Singapore, there has been an increased demand in aircons because of the tropical rainforest climate meaning that the weather normally is warm and wet hence temperature levels can be high at times.

There are three main purposes of air conditioning; to evenly distribute the air that has been conditioned in the space occupied. Moreover, it improves the quality of air in the space and aims at providing maximum thermal comfort. Additionally, they are used in some processes to provide a conducive environment for these processes to occur well; these processes include operations in hospital theatres and chemical processes in the laboratories.

Demerits of using an air conditioner

Although aircons can be very helpful especially in closed spaces that do not have much free flowing air, there are some disadvantages that come with its use, especially for a long time.

• More often than not, aircons are quite expensive to install and maintain as many people cannot afford these costs
• Aircons also consume a lot of electric power and for them to function properly, they need to have a constant supply of this power
• They can also promote the growth and spread of microorganisms in the air leading to spread of diseases and infections
• If one tends to use a lot of air conditioning especially at home, they are bound to be dehydrated a lot

Types of aircons

There are many types of aircons that are used in Singapore, they include;• Window aircons which enclose all their components in a single box that is mounted on a window. In Singapore, these aircons are commonly found in houses that were built a number of years back and were designed to have spaces on the wall for window aircons.

• Portable aircons are another kind that also have all the components enclosed in a box. Just like the name suggests, this aircon can be moved from one place to another and is not entirely fixed to one point throughout. This aircon has a hose that is connected to the window so that it can expel out the hot air from the closed space, however, these portable aircons tend to be very noisy.
• Split aircons are the most popular in Singapore because people prefer them to others since they are quiet and not noisy. They have two type of units; one to be used indoors and another one for outside. Moreover, they look more presentable in a house.
• Cassette aircons are more or less similar to split aircons in that they occur in two units. However, the great thing about cassette aircon is that they occupy less space since they are mostly fixed on the ceilings of buildings.

Problems associated with faulty aircons
Everyone dislikes having a faulty aircon that does not work well and will try as much as possible to have it repaired so that it can function like normally. There are different things that can make an aircon faulty and bring about the need to repair some aircon parts or replace the whole thing all together.

There is usually a possibility of an aircon leaking and having water dripping from the aircon’s fan coil making it inefficient in cooling the air in the room. Moreover, some aircons may just stop performing; the machines usually switch off themselves anyway without human input. Another demerit of aircons that some of them tend to have is be very noisy as they can irritate the owners and bring distractions.

Why replace and not repair
If you want to ensure that your aircon works well, it is necessary to maintain it well by following the instructions you were given by whoever installed the aircon for you. It is usually advisable to minimize the repairs as they do not really fix the situation but simply prolong the time that a complement replacement will be needed. Moreover, the better option usually would be to simply replace the aircon instead of repairing it each time you notice a fault.

Replacement usually comes with a guarantee in case of any problems and will cost you less than having to repair the parts of the aircon each time it malfunctions.

Moreover, when you get a replacement, the new fan coil and compressor are of the latest technology which makes it more efficient in serving its purpose unlike when you repair and will simply need to replace the exact kind of part.

To add onto that, repairing an aircon may take some time as it may become difficult to obtain some of the spare parts especially for the older versions of the aircons. On the other hand, when one replaces the aircon, you can easily find an aircon that suits you best easily.

What to consider when choosing a repair or replacement person
You have the option of choosing an individual who has the skills of dealing with aircons and air conditioning or can simply opt to go with a company that basically deals with these.

You need to get a person or company that is qualified and has the necessary skills to deal with all your issues relating to your aircon. They should have undergone the necessary training that will be required when dealing with your problem.

Moreover, they should have years of experience in the sector that will come in handy when it is necessary to know about the best aircons to use, where to get them, how to install them and how to maintain them well.
It is more advantageous if you get a person or company that has been referenced to you by other people as you are bound to get quality service for your money.

Most importantly, they should take safety precautions when handling aircons in your home, office or business place as safety should be their first priority.


All in all, replacement of aircons is definitely the better option of handling faulty aircons. However, before you decide to have these repairs or replacements done, be sure to get professional help from qualified personnel and have that air conditioning that you need.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Chiller System Design Tips

Chiller system is an air conditioning method which is used in large cooling capacity such as industrial process, hypermarket, and commercial air conditioning. Most of the homes are using this type of air conditioning because it is cost effective.

How to design and install chiller air conditioning system

Approximately 40% of the air conditioning problems occur as a result of poor design and installation of the air conditioner. The inappropriate design and installation normally leads to malfunctioning of the air conditioner. In addition to that, other undesirable effects of careless design and installation include: gas leakage and clogging of water. The homeowners will suffer from both time wastage and undue losses. Moreover, the functioning of the air-conditioning may cease. For you to do a replacement, you need to incur hefty expenses.

For optimum performance, one should look for the right materials which the air conditioner should use. This is because when you choose the wrong materials poor working of the air-conditioner will arise. In addition to the guidelines above, the following are the Chiller System Design Tips which will enable you to have the best air conditioner in your home:

· The wire cables 
The wires which are used for air-conditioning installation exist in various grades such as blue, brown, black, green or yellow. Flexible plain copper is used for making these wires.

Grave consequences, for example electric shock will come about due to the use of substandard or weak wires. The cost will definitely go up since there will be damages. It is therefore recommended that you should choose wires of high quality. This will ensure safety and durability will be put into consideration.

· The drainage should be properly insulated  
The right installation of the drainage pipes needs to be done. Consequently, I it should be inclined in appropriate gradient so as to minimize the condensation risks. When there is condensation in the air cons, leakages will take place. Hence, it will be detrimental to the fittings and furniture and it will eventually add undue cost as it will require you to either replace the damaged part or buy a new air conditioning system.

· Tubes for insulation 
High rate of condensation will be caused by the use of substandard tubes. The tubes will lead you to more repairs in future. By choosing the best insulated brands, efficiency will be enhanced. The tubes also have very high persistence to the water vapor. Moreover, there is accreditation which gives an assurance of quality. This will make you to be certain that the tubes will serve the right purpose indicated.

After obtaining quality tubes, ensure that they are clean regularly. The main reason why you should do that is the fact that the contaminants such as mud, minerals and algae will lead to reduction of the overall performance of the chiller air conditioning system. With time, the fouling will gradually occur. Therefore, it is advisable to clean the tubes for high efficiency.

· The daily log should be kept 
The daily log is used for maintenance of the chiller air conditioning system. the main function of the log is to build operating condition history which comprises of flow rate, fluid level, temperature and pressure,.

· The condenser water should be treated 
The condenser water should be treated once a year so as to make the circulation effective. Hence, the air-conditioning system will function effectively as there will be no problem when it comes to water circulation.

· The brackets 
The quality and grade of the air conditioner is also influence by the welding brackets. The performance of the air conditioner is mainly affected by substandard brackets. This normally happens because of rust.

The brackets should comply with the directives of the government. If not, it is referred to as illegal and severe penalties will be administered.

If you want the best air conditioner installed at your household, you need to look for brackets identified as grade304 stainless steel. Grade 200 series on the other hand is made of galvanized mild steel. This type of material is not certified and tested. Thus, you can select certified and approved brackets and you will experience optimum performance on the air conditioner.

· The copper pipes 
In Singapore, the copper pipes for air conditioners should be between gauges: 22 and 23 and also 24 and 25. The gauges are tested and approved by the government. As you design the air conditioner, the certified and the tested copper pipes highlighted should be utilized. When you use substandard copper pipes, it will ultimately lead to failure of the air-conditioner.

How the chiller air conditioning system works 

The chiller air conditioner works by ensuring that there is exchange of heat occurring between the evaporator and the water entering the building. At a temperature of 45 degrees, the chilled water leaves the air conditioner. The chilled water is then circulated through the building by use of the pump. During the circulation, the water will cool the spaces of the pump as well as picking up heat. Nevertheless, it will return to the chiller at a temperature of approximately 13 degrees. There is a repetition of the process. Hence, the house is cooled.

Functions of a cooling tower in the chiller air-conditioning system 

The cooling tower is mainly used to reduce the temperature of the condenser. The water looping system is first separated by the chilled water going to your house. At the cooling tower, there is a condenser at 29 degrees. The water picks up the heat of the condenser and moves at 35 degrees. The water is then sent back to the cooling tower by use of a pump mentioned above. As the process is being repeated, water is added constantly by using the water piping so as to replace the water which has evaporated in the air.


When you have the best air conditioner installed in your house, it will be of great significance to you. When you have known the tips and the right materials for designing the best air conditioning, you will not have any problems which might arise in the chiller system. In addition to that,