Friday, 18 July 2014

4 Incredible Tips On How To Get Rid Of Smell In Aircon Unit

Odors in your conditioner can be quite unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing. Many Singapore residents have actually experienced the problem of turning on the air to get cool fresh air but instead of getting cool air, their nostrils are invaded by something that smells like body odor or even worse.

Getting rid of the smell in aircon unit

Below are tips on getting rid of the bad smell in an aircon unit.

1. Make sure your aircon unit is not clogged.
The best way to prevent clogging of your aircon unit is by cleaning the unit regularly. To clear this bad, you first need to remove the drain line and then clean it with bleach. Make sure the drain of your aircon unit is dry before replacing it.

2. Carefully remove all debris and dust.
Keeping your aircon unused for a long period of time can cause it to collect dust and debris that comes from air and wind flowing from the external forces. Formation of bacteria from this debris can cause bad odor to emanate from the aircon unit. To remove the dust and debris from your aircon unit, lift the top of your aircon unit then use a flashlight to look at the inside then carefully remove all debris from the unit. This will greatly help to remove bad odor from your air conditioning system.

3. Replace or wash the filter.
One of the best ways to eliminate any odors in your aircon unit is by replacing or washing the filter regularly. Some units have filters you can take out and wash with warm soapy water while others requires you to replace the filter with a new one. If your unit needs a new replacement, make sure you do it regularly. To get the best effect, purchase an allergen reducing deodorizing filter and make sure you replace it regularly according to the recommendation of the filter manufactures. If you have pets in your house, it is recommended that you change the filters regularly because pets tend to dander on the aircon unit thus clogging it.

4. Use a forming coil clear or non acid liquid to remove bad order from the unit.
To remove the debris and dirt completely from your aircon unit, spay a forming or a non liquid coil cleaner in the unit and let is stay for a while till you are sure that the dirt is soft enough and ready to be removed. Use clean water to drain the water from the unit and don’t stop until you see clean water coming out of the system. Then allow the system to dry before switching on the aircon. After this process you can be sure that you will not experience any bad smell coming out of the system. You will only experience a breeze of fresh air.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Air Conditioner Installation in Singapore

The heat is currently rising in an upward trend and there are some people who’ve decided to cut off the heat, at least in their living room or bedroom. Well, an air conditioner can hassle free suit their purpose. Basically, before we begin with the actual installation process, let us try to understand first a few basic requirements which will assist in easing our work. Before purchasing the air conditioner, it is important that you take into notice, whether the gadget will be sufficient for cooling the whole area, for which it was meant. Because all air conditioners do not come on the same size, it is essential that you make proper measurements in order to confirm that the air conditioner fits in the specific place you intend to install. Also, it’s ideal that the place whereby you’ve decided to install the air con does not in any way close side- ways. It is not that a place that often closes sideways isn’t suitable for installing an air conditioner, but a vertically closing place such as a vertically closing window will assist in easing your work to a very great deal. By this way, your air con will hassle free tight tightly in the specific place that you are intending to install. The place that you also choose for the installation of your air conditioner should have a reliable power supply point present near it. This write up will focus on discussing about air conditioner maintenance in Singapore.
 Air Conditioner Installation Singapore
If you are in Singapore and you intend to install an air conditioner, here are a few of the tips that you should put into consideration;
Tip#1:Measuring the Installation Area:-First and foremost, it is ideal that you measure the specific area that you intend to cool and then calculate the exact size of the air con which you will be requiring. This will assist in easing the entire process of installation. 
Tip#2:Knowing where you Want to Install the gadget:-Determine the specific place where you want to install your air con and measure it accurately. Generally, the air conditioner that you purchase requires fitting in the specific area that you intend to put. Note that the measurements of the place that you want to install the gadget should be measured in accordance to the air con that you intend to install since not all the air conditioners are the same. 
Tip#3:Installing the Mounting Brackets:-This step involves mounting brackets which came with the air con unit that you will have purchased. However, you must ensure that you strictly follow the directions offered by the manufacturer. 
Slide your air con into the place you want to install it and attach it carefully into the mounting brackets. However, you must ensure that you again adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer. 
Tip#4:Attaching the Extensions:-
Pull out carefully the extensions on each side of your air con and attach them carefully into the frames that you’ll have made of the place that you’re installing the place. Use any piece of foam, to be precise the one that you may have been offered by the manufacturer, in sealing between the top of your air con unit and the place that you are installing it. If necessary, when it comes to pipe chocking, if you’re not confident that you can chock it appropriately, try to seek the assistance of an expert. 
Tip#5:Attaching the Drainage Hose:-Attach your drainage hose i.e. the one supplied by the manufacturer to the outside of your air con unit. Carefully, caulk around the outside of your air con in order to assist in keeping the warm air outside your house. After this, plug in your unit; turn it on and the get to experience the cool air that it will be supplying into your house. 
Tips and Warnings
There are some strict measures that you must adhere to in order to make the entire installation process turn out to be successfully. For instance, if you’ve got an option, install your air con unit in either south- facing or north- facing wall. Both west- facing and east- facing walls often get direct sunlight which simply means that your air conditioner unit will have to work extra harder. In the long run your gadget is likely to get easily susceptible to wear and tear. 

Last but not the least; while adhering to the aforementioned tips, kindly ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions in order to make sure that your unit is working effectively and efficiently. Thank you. 

Saturday, 10 May 2014

7 Reason Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold


There are some problems that may occur with your air conditioner. It is recommended that you take a look at some possible factors that can cause these problems. These aircon problems should be solved as quickly as you can, so you can maintain the function of your air conditioner. Here are some common reasons why your aircon is not cold anymore.

7 Reason Why Your Aircon Is Not Cold

1. Rusty parts
This is one of the most common problems that people have with their aircon units. When you have some rusty parts inside your air condiitoner unit, your device is not able to function properly. As the result, you are going to lose the function of your air conditioner. When you have this problem, you have to replace some rusty parts with the new ones. It is recommended that you buy the original parts for your aircon units. Try to contact the manufacturer or company of your air conditioner. You also need to call professionals to install these new parts in your unit properly. They usually have proper skills to install these new parts completely.

2. Faulty thermostat

Thermostat is an important item in any types of aircon units. This device is very effective to control the temperature of your air conditioner based on your preferences. There are some cases when this thermostat may be damaged for any reasons. Faulty thermostat is not able to control the temperature of the air conditioner properly. This is another reason why you may have hot air coming out from your aircon unit. There are some online stores that sell new thermostat for your aircon unit. Make sure that you choose the right unit that is suitable for your models or brands.

3. Broken fan

Most aircon units usually produce cold air from their fan. Therefore, you have to maintain the function of this fan inside your air conditioner. When this part is broken or damaged, your air conditioner is not able to produce cold air to your room. There are many factors that can cause broken fan. Dirty unit is the most common factor that can damage your fan unit. It is important that you clean your aircon unit regularly to prevent this problem from happening in the future.

4. Blocked system

This is another reason why your aircon unit is not cold anymore. Your unit can work properly when it has well-functioned system. However, this system can be blocked by some impurities or other objects. When the air inlet or outlet is blocked by certain objects, your air conditioner is not able to produce cold air. Make sure that you have regular cleaning procedure to remove some of these objects from your system completely.

5. Wrong size

Some homeowners are not able to find the best air conditioner with the right size for their rooms. When you choose the wrong size for your air conditioner, this unit doesn't have proper capacity to cool down the temperature of your room. The only solution for this problem is replacing your current aircon unit with the new one. Make sure that you consult with the aircon sellers to find the right unit that is suitable for your room size.

6. Improper air flow direction

Your aircon unit is going to produce cool air based on the air flow system in this unit. Therefore, you have to manage this system properly, so you can get all benefits from this unit. Improper air flow direction can reduce the ability of your air conditioner to cool down the temperature of your room. You have to read the instruction manual to fix this problem immediately. You only need to adjust the air flow direction to achieve your ideal result.

7. Dirty air filter

This is another common factor that can reduce the ability of your aircon unit to cool down your room. Dirty air filter can be caused by irregular maintenance procedure. It is recommended that you clean your unit regularly to remove some impurities or other objects from the air filter. Clean filter can help your air conditioner deliver cool air to your house easily.

They are top 7 reasons why people have problems with their air conditioners. You can call some professionals when your air conditioners cannot produce cool air to your room. You can contact your favorite aircon service company today to discuss about this problem. A good company usually has the best solution for fixing this problem immediately.

Monday, 24 March 2014

6 Effective Ways To Fix A Noisy Aircon

6 Effective Ways To Fix A Noisy Aircon

An air unit is necessary for cooling when it is hot, and warming when it is cold. Today, many people in Singapore are relying on this approach since it is the most effective and practical technique to cool or warm them up. But when an air conditioner becomes noisy, it will just be like any other strident device.

There are many reasons as to why an air conditioner produces noise. At times it can be as a result of loose hardware; or may be bending of a refrigerant tubing; positioning; including other reasons which lead to an unnerving noise of the system.

The following are 6 ways to fix your noisy aircon system: 

I. Inspect the Fan Cables

Things you’ll need:

· non-contact Voltage Tester
· wrench
· screwdriver

Scrutinize the fan blades situated inside the outdoor condenser unit (incase you are using a central air conditioner). Look if you can see any foreign object that slipped in the grille-holes and is hindering the fan from rotating smoothly.

1. Turn the power off then disconnect the switch
2. Unscrew the side-panel to access electrical connections
3. Verify using a “non-contact voltage tester” that power is not present in the wires
4. Unscrew the outdoor unit top-panel (the removal will vary depending on the model)
5. Take out the foreign object causing the noise
6. Confirm by spinning the blade to see that it is running smoothly
7. Reattach the top and the side panels making sure that all screws are there
8. Turn the power on at the disconnect switch; then at the main panel
9. Turn the aircon on and listen to hear if all is well

II. Tighten the Screws

Things you’ll need:

· non-contact Voltage Tester
· hex Wrench
· screwdriver

When you hear a rattling noise coming from the air con - a window air conditioner, the problem is loose screws.

1. Unplug the conditioner from wall outlet
2. If the problem isn’t loose housing, remove either the side or the top panel
3. Confirm using a non-contact voltage tester that no power is in the wires
4. Locate and eliminate the wire connecting vent door to the control panel
5. Rotate the fan until the access hole found between blower vanes is within your reach
6. Using the hex wrench, tighten the set screws
7. On the motor housing, find the oil ports then lubricate each port after you pry the plugs
8. Reconnect the port plugs then reattach the side/ front panel
9. Plug the aircon (window air conditioner) back into the wall
10. Turn it on to confirm if the matter is solved

III. Check the Compressor

If the problem with your air conditioner is the compressor, you may need a technician to fix it. Refrigerant flood back happens when liquid penetrates the compressor’s crankcase.

Another reason which is rare is when oil leaks occurs causing low level of oil in the unit.

Typically this compressor problem is caused by how the air con sits on the ground. Always try to put our unit on a flat surface.

A good remedy for this is a Sound Blanket. A qualified technician (HVAC professional) will do the installation. Most manufacturers use this approach to reduce noise in the air conditioning units. Blankets do not in any way affect the compressor’s life span or operation.

The blanket also works as an insulator and this is helpful to the device since it maintains a constant temperature which gives the bearings longer life including a trouble-free start up.

IV. Clean the Drain Pipe

Many times when the air filter is dirty the conditioner produces noise. This is because the dirty filter may cause restriction in the unit making it to freeze; which can later result to melting water hitting the fan. This is what causes the rattling sound. Make an effort of regularly changing the filter to avoid this problem.

Another common problem is when the drain is clogged-up. The only way to solve this is by unstopping the drain(s) in the aircon to prevent frost accumulation which can even cause a more serious damage.

Things you’ll need:

plastic snake jar bleach funnel water

Drain pipe is supposed to drip water constantly to ensure that noise is limited. If not, the clogging can also damage your wall or floor. To solve this:

1. Turn the air unit’s power off
2. Below the drain-pipe, remove the pan
3. Use plastic snake to take out any congestion in the pipe’s body
4. Remove the tough clogs using a wet or dry vacuum (remove the vacuum’s filter when doing this)
5. Mix ¼ cup bleach to � gallon of water. Place the funnel on the vent-tee then pour the solution to wash any substance left by the pipe-cleaner
6. Replace the pan beneath the pipe
7. Turn on the air conditioner

V. Fix the Condenser Coil Pigtail

A pigtail is the straight piece of metal sticking horizontally from the unit’s condenser to the condenser coils. If you are using a window aircon, the pigtail might be knocking the housing of the fan when the blades are not bent.

Things you’ll need:

· non-contact Voltage Tester
· foam rubber
· screwdriver

What to do:

1. Turn the unit off
2. Test with the voltage tester ensuring that there is no power
3. Using the screwdriver, unscrew the side/top panel (depending on the model)
4. Wiggle the aircon chassis

5. In case the pigtail is knocking the housing, use a tiny piece of the foam rubber and place it between the pigtail and the housing.
6. Reattach the panels using screws
7. Turn on the air system

VI. Limit unnecessary vibration

Vibration can also be the reason why your conditioner is making noise. You need no special tool to detect this unnecessary shuddering – just your hand.

Place your hand against the unit’s surface for example on the window if you are using a window air conditioner, and on the wall for a central aircon. If the noisy aircon is changing its raucous tune, then by placing an insulating material such as wood shims, cellophane tape, etc you will limit the noise from causing much damage to you ears.

You don’t have to be a HVAC expert to be able to diagnose, and later on fix a noisy air unit. It is highly recommended that you know these common causes and solutions to help save your money, and best of all keep your cool within no time.