Friday, 18 July 2014

4 Incredible Tips On How To Get Rid Of Smell In Aircon Unit

Odors in your conditioner can be quite unpleasant and sometimes embarrassing. Many Singapore residents have actually experienced the problem of turning on the air to get cool fresh air but instead of getting cool air, their nostrils are invaded by something that smells like body odor or even worse.

Getting rid of the smell in aircon unit

Below are tips on getting rid of the bad smell in an aircon unit.

1. Make sure your aircon unit is not clogged.
The best way to prevent clogging of your aircon unit is by cleaning the unit regularly. To clear this bad, you first need to remove the drain line and then clean it with bleach. Make sure the drain of your aircon unit is dry before replacing it.

2. Carefully remove all debris and dust.
Keeping your aircon unused for a long period of time can cause it to collect dust and debris that comes from air and wind flowing from the external forces. Formation of bacteria from this debris can cause bad odor to emanate from the aircon unit. To remove the dust and debris from your aircon unit, lift the top of your aircon unit then use a flashlight to look at the inside then carefully remove all debris from the unit. This will greatly help to remove bad odor from your air conditioning system.

3. Replace or wash the filter.
One of the best ways to eliminate any odors in your aircon unit is by replacing or washing the filter regularly. Some units have filters you can take out and wash with warm soapy water while others requires you to replace the filter with a new one. If your unit needs a new replacement, make sure you do it regularly. To get the best effect, purchase an allergen reducing deodorizing filter and make sure you replace it regularly according to the recommendation of the filter manufactures. If you have pets in your house, it is recommended that you change the filters regularly because pets tend to dander on the aircon unit thus clogging it.

4. Use a forming coil clear or non acid liquid to remove bad order from the unit.
To remove the debris and dirt completely from your aircon unit, spay a forming or a non liquid coil cleaner in the unit and let is stay for a while till you are sure that the dirt is soft enough and ready to be removed. Use clean water to drain the water from the unit and don’t stop until you see clean water coming out of the system. Then allow the system to dry before switching on the aircon. After this process you can be sure that you will not experience any bad smell coming out of the system. You will only experience a breeze of fresh air.

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