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Air Conditioner Installation in Singapore

The heat is currently rising in an upward trend and there are some people who’ve decided to cut off the heat, at least in their living room or bedroom. Well, an air conditioner can hassle free suit their purpose. Basically, before we begin with the actual installation process, let us try to understand first a few basic requirements which will assist in easing our work. Before purchasing the air conditioner, it is important that you take into notice, whether the gadget will be sufficient for cooling the whole area, for which it was meant. Because all air conditioners do not come on the same size, it is essential that you make proper measurements in order to confirm that the air conditioner fits in the specific place you intend to install. Also, it’s ideal that the place whereby you’ve decided to install the air con does not in any way close side- ways. It is not that a place that often closes sideways isn’t suitable for installing an air conditioner, but a vertically closing place such as a vertically closing window will assist in easing your work to a very great deal. By this way, your air con will hassle free tight tightly in the specific place that you are intending to install. The place that you also choose for the installation of your air conditioner should have a reliable power supply point present near it. This write up will focus on discussing about air conditioner maintenance in Singapore.
 Air Conditioner Installation Singapore
If you are in Singapore and you intend to install an air conditioner, here are a few of the tips that you should put into consideration;
Tip#1:Measuring the Installation Area:-First and foremost, it is ideal that you measure the specific area that you intend to cool and then calculate the exact size of the air con which you will be requiring. This will assist in easing the entire process of installation. 
Tip#2:Knowing where you Want to Install the gadget:-Determine the specific place where you want to install your air con and measure it accurately. Generally, the air conditioner that you purchase requires fitting in the specific area that you intend to put. Note that the measurements of the place that you want to install the gadget should be measured in accordance to the air con that you intend to install since not all the air conditioners are the same. 
Tip#3:Installing the Mounting Brackets:-This step involves mounting brackets which came with the air con unit that you will have purchased. However, you must ensure that you strictly follow the directions offered by the manufacturer. 
Slide your air con into the place you want to install it and attach it carefully into the mounting brackets. However, you must ensure that you again adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer. 
Tip#4:Attaching the Extensions:-
Pull out carefully the extensions on each side of your air con and attach them carefully into the frames that you’ll have made of the place that you’re installing the place. Use any piece of foam, to be precise the one that you may have been offered by the manufacturer, in sealing between the top of your air con unit and the place that you are installing it. If necessary, when it comes to pipe chocking, if you’re not confident that you can chock it appropriately, try to seek the assistance of an expert. 
Tip#5:Attaching the Drainage Hose:-Attach your drainage hose i.e. the one supplied by the manufacturer to the outside of your air con unit. Carefully, caulk around the outside of your air con in order to assist in keeping the warm air outside your house. After this, plug in your unit; turn it on and the get to experience the cool air that it will be supplying into your house. 
Tips and Warnings
There are some strict measures that you must adhere to in order to make the entire installation process turn out to be successfully. For instance, if you’ve got an option, install your air con unit in either south- facing or north- facing wall. Both west- facing and east- facing walls often get direct sunlight which simply means that your air conditioner unit will have to work extra harder. In the long run your gadget is likely to get easily susceptible to wear and tear. 

Last but not the least; while adhering to the aforementioned tips, kindly ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s directions in order to make sure that your unit is working effectively and efficiently. Thank you. 

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