Thursday, 4 June 2015

Why Does Air Conditioner Switch On And Off Itself

 In Singapore, having an air conditioner in your office and home is a basic need rather than a want due to the weather which is always humid and hot. Living without an air con will make life unbearable due to the constant perspiring, sweating and general discomfort you will experience from clothes clinging on to the body and many more heat related discomforts. The air con subjects one to enjoying a cool breeze and enjoys some fresh cool air that is not stuffy at all. However, in the course of enjoying your cool sensation the air-con might abruptly switch itself off and then on after a few minutes. This is quite an irritating experience and before concluding on the possible cause of this scenario, you should try establishing the cause of this occurrence before taking it for repair.


The action of an air conditioner switching itself on and off can be caused by several factors and thus the need for the actual cause to be established first as it could be as a result of a fault that is simple. One can establish the cause on their own if they understand the various basic parts and components of the air con. The most basic parts include the expansion valve, condensing unit, compressor, evaporating unit and the thermostat.

You can check for the do it yourself (DIY) guide online on how to check if any of these components are faulty before calling in a repair guy. This will save you some money as the professional will always charge for the diagnostic services offered. Below are some of the possible causes of the air con switching itself on and off automatically.

Accumulation of Dirt on the compressor
When dirt accumulates on the compressor of your air conditioner in Singapore, it may cause the switching on and off action. The dirt blocks the excess heat generated by the compressor when it operates normally from being ejected into the environment and this could cause the air con to go off momentarily. This action of heat being blocked from being released into the surrounding air causes both its pressure and temperature to rise.

This in turn causes the circuit of the air con to trip leading to the switching off and then on after sometime. This is a protective mechanism to protect the air con parts from damage which can be occasioned by the pressure and temperature rising high. After the compressor cools down, the conditioner reboots and resumes its normal operation.

It is important to check whether the compressor is dirty or not before you eliminate it as the cause of the switching on and off. If this is the root cause of this issue, you should ensure that the compressor is well serviced to eradicate the dirt. You could also do it on your own by taking out the coil and ensure that it is cleaned using running water.

Erratic Settings

It is important to check the settings on the conditioner as sometimes the automatic switching on and off could be as a result of some erratic settings. It is possible that a person could have made these settings when they were in the office or home and then forgot to restore them back to the original settings they found. Before resolving to call in a technician to repair it, you should first of all check the settings to ensure that they are not set to switch off and on after certain duration of time. Regular checking of the settings made on the conditioner could avoid this scenario in time. One sure way of ensuring that there are no instances of erratic settings on your air con is by taking it for servicing regularly as the professional technicians will always check this aspect every time and rectify it in time.

Faulty components
A malfunctioning or faulty air con component could be the cause of the irritating automatic switching on and off of your conditioner. It could be an issue with the thermostat which is the component responsible for regulating and maintaining the temperature felt in a room that the air con operates in. The thermostat functions by sensing whether the temperature in a given room is at its optimum and maintains it that way.

If it senses a change in the room temperature then it prompts the conditioner to either raise or drop the room temperature. If it is faulty, it will sense wrongly and it may thus cause the shutdown of the conditioner leaving the room hot and stuffy much to the discomfort of the occupants in the room. Professional technician ought to be called in to rectify this issue.

Another component that could be faulty and cause this issue is the circuit board which controls the air con fan. If it is faulty then the air con would have high temperatures and pressure leading to it shutting down and rebooting unpredictably. This situation would require the services of a professional repair technician to sort it out well.

Problems with the condenser could also lead to the conditioner switching on and off automatically. The condenser normally cools vapors that come from the compressor, another component of the conditioner. The switching on and off could be as a result of a blocked condenser. The solution to this issue is to ensure that the debris blocking the condenser is removed and its fins and coils are cleaned.
All the above factors are possible causes of the automatic switching on and off of your air conditioner in Singapore.

They are possible explanations of the query why air conditioners behave in this way. It is advisable to first of all establish the actual cause that could be making your conditioner to behave in the way it does before calling in the repair professionals. Frequent servicing and regular cleaning of the crucial components like the compressor and condenser could also help a big deal in ridding off this issue. Ensure that you check your conditioner regularly and also learn of ways to do self-maintenance on it to save on costs and also prevent it from getting permanently damaged which would force you to replace it.