Thursday, 19 November 2015

7 Reasons To Service Your Aircon Before The New Year

With the Chinese New Year just around the corner, all Singapore residents are pretty much influenced with the festival feeling and most people take an opportunity to go on holidays in order to participate in the exuberant New Year celebrations. Most people celebrate the New Year occasion with their friends, families and also their close relatives by visiting each other’s homes. Therefore to ensure maximum comfort of your guests, you need to seek aircon services prior to the festival.
Therefore, to ensure your guests are very comfortable in your home, be sure that your aircons in your house are working well to supply adequate air according to the demand of the environment in Singapore. In case your aircon malfunctions in the presence of your guests during the Chinese New Year occasion then it shall certainly portray a bad image. You can steer clear of such situations by subsequently contacting an aircon servicing firm prior to the festival. Below are 7 reasons to service your aircon before the New Year festival:

1.To reduce energy costs.
If your aircon is not operating efficiently, plenty of energy shall be lost. A non-energy efficient aircon system shall lead to payment of high energy bills at the end of the month. If you service your aircon system more often, then this is something you will never have to be concerned about. Periodic servicing will keep your aircon system efficient always. Energy costs can soar particularly during the cold seasons. The most fundamental thing to do to ensure your aircon system operates efficiently is to regularly service it.

2.Making the system safer.
An aircon system which is not properly maintained is quite likely to develop plenty of problems later on. Some of these problems may potentially cause injuries or harm you or other individuals at your home, such as a loose screw. Regular aircon servicing could avert problems that may potentially harm either you or other people. Safety to everyone shall be guaranteed by regularly checking and servicing your aircon system. A minor problem in your aircon system could result in severe injuries if it remains unchecked for long periods of time.

3.To help avoid costly breakdowns.
Making sure that your aircon is regularly serviced prevents the possibility of costly breakdowns in the future. Servicing your aircon periodically shall assist you in locating and fixing issues that may trigger problems early. Like for instance if there is plenty of dust inside the aircon system, occasional maintenance shall help in eliminating it before it begins to accumulate. You will additionally be able to identify any other problems before they become bigger. Early detection of problems is paramount since it helps you take necessary measures to ensure that they don’t become bigger in the future.

4.A clean and properly maintained aircon system operates more silently.
Aircon systems which are hardly ever serviced tend to be noisy. The irritating noise can prevent you from enjoying tranquility and quietness at your home. The unpleasant noise can be avoided easily by making sure that your aircon system is regularly serviced. This can be facilitated by lubricating moving parts of the system in order to reduce friction that causes the noisy operation of the aircon system. Lubrication additionally aids in making your system function more efficiently. In case you hear any unpleasant noises originating from within the aircon system then it certainly is because it has not been properly serviced recently.

5.To enhance overall system performance.
You would definitely want your aircon system to circulate air at your workplace or home efficiently. Inadequate maintenance could greatly impede it from achieving its potential. The aircon system may not circulate air as properly and efficiently as it would if it were perfectly maintained. Nearly all problems that could be inhibiting your system from running at its maximum potential could easily be avoided by servicing it regularly. So if you really want your aircon system to operate at its maximum potential always, you need to seek an aircon services expert to frequently service it.

6.To ensure the warranty of the system still prevails.
Having a warranty gives you the authority to hold the aircon manufacturers responsible in a situation where the system doesn’t function properly if the period covered by the warranty has not expired yet. On the other hand, you won’t be allowed to hold the manufacturers liable if you haven’t properly maintained your aircon. A professional who is recommended by the aircon manufacturers needs to service your aircon regularly if you want your warranty to persist. In case your aircon malfunctions before the period covered by the warranty finally expires, you shall have no one to blame except yourself if you never properly serviced your aircon system.

7.To extend the lifespan of the system.
You certainly want your aircon system to operate for long without encountering any kind of mishaps. Regularly servicing it will greatly enhance its lifespan. Your aircon system, if properly and regularly checked and serviced, shall end up serving you for a very long time. Hence, if you want to avoid spending your money on purchasing a new aircon system in the near future, ensure that the one you have at the moment is well maintained. You will spend a lot less on servicing your aircon as compared to purchasing a new one simply because the old system malfunctioned because of being poorly maintained.

Ensure that a professional who knows exactly what he/she is doing services your aircon system. Avoid just hiring anyone that you come into contact with that convinces you that they are an aircon expert. If you hire an unqualified individual, they may end up destroying your system. You may also end up losing your warranty if you make up your mind to seek an individual who is not up to the task. An unprofessional person may injure themselves while trying to service your aircon, or can subsequently do things that could harm or injure other people. When you finally get an aircon servicing expert, make sure to work closely with them and also come up with a schedule that shall be used to keep your system functioning at its best always.