Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Advantages Of Installing Panasonic Inverter Cassette

An inverter is a vital device that helps to achieve a speed regulation with the aircon induction motors. They play a huge role in the functioning of the air conditioning unit. That is why it is advised to have an inverter installed in your home if you have an AC unit. The challenge comes in when you are looking for the right inverter for your system. It can be tricky to find the perfect inverter system for your aircon unit. The system and features of the inverter must be reliable enough. Also, they must be up to the standards of your aircon system. One thing about the inverters is that they help to save energy consumption of the air conditioning unit. So if you choose the right unit, you are sure of enjoying the benefits to the maximum.

Panasonic Inverter Cassette is one of the top inverter units for the aircon unit. This unit is highly rated, and one of the homeowners favorites in Singapore. The unit has some amazing features that make it worth installing in your home. So many people are enjoying the benefits of having this inverter system installed in their homes, but what are the advantages of installing it in your home?

• You enjoy the latest technology

One thing to note about the inverter unit is that it comes with the latest technology. The technology used offers incredible energy savings to the unit. As a result, this is a major benefit to your power bills and the environment at large. It allows a maximum of 50% energy saving as the air conditioning unit is cooling the house. Also, it allows up to 64% energy savings while heating the room. The technology has been customized to allow an even temperature distribution in the room. So even if the room is large, or if you are laying or sitting on the floor, and another person is standing, the temperature is still even. It will automatically turn on and off, when necessary. This is another way that helps to regulate the energy consumptions. The constant temperature means that the preferred room temperature that you set is what will be used throughout in the room.

• It has an amazing design

Moving on to the external features, the inverter comes with a compact design that is flexible enough. The design of the unit is meant to make it easy to install the unit without much difficulty. It comes with a piping length of a maximum of 75m. With this, you can use the system in any building. The unit is also compact and light to allow you to transport it easily and install it without many challenges.

• It has an accurate power control unit

The inverter comes with an amazing feature that offers the accurate amount of power that is needed. If you need enough aircon power to heat or cool your room, the inverter will ensure that is achieved. It will keep up with the speed from when the air conditioning unit has been switched on, to when it is switched off. With this, you can be sure of having your room heating or cooling 1.5 times faster than the non-inverter aircon units.

• It has a fitted drain pump

Another benefit of installing the Panasonic Inverter Cassette is that it comes with a built-in drain pump. There is a fitted high-lift pump that offers lift of up to 850mm from the surface of the ceiling. This allows the unit to be installed in any location of the ceiling. Even when installed high on the ceiling, the inverter takes care of the draining accordingly. It comes with the fitted drain pump that offers a longer horizontal drain piping in the unit. So you will not have to worry about having water or other dirt particles remaining in the ducts.

• It is easy to install and maintain

Not only is this unit easy to install, but it is also easy to use. The unit assures you of convenience when you have it installed in your unit. This is made possible with the On/Off timer that works on a weekly basis. There are six settings that you can set for every day, and forty-two settings per week. With this setting, you will not need to worry about the other settings on the unit. Once you have it set, you can sit back and relax as you enjoy the amazing functioning of the unit. The installation is also easy to handle, since it has a thin, light design, with the extra-long pipes. This also makes it easier to elevate the unit to provide a perfect control over the aircon system. Also, the airflow flaps can be removed easily when you need to clean them. That makes this unit also easy to maintain since you will not need a professional technician to remove the airflow flaps for you.

• Amazing airflow rate

One major thing that many non-inverter systems have is the limited flow of air inside the room. In this case, there will be an irregular supply of air all around the room. Also, it can be uncomfortable when you want to have a standard airflow indoors. Nonetheless, with the Panasonic Inverter Cassette, there is a perfect control and flow of air. Not only is the airflow extremely high, but it is also perfectly regulated around the room. This is a feature that makes the inverter unit worth installing in your home.

• Amazing customer service

Another advantage of installing the Panasonic Inverter Cassette is that it has an amazing customer support. Whenever you have issues with your unit, you can call the support staff or the authorized dealer that installed the inverter in your home. They offer amazing services that assure you of living without worry and limitation.

The Panasonic Inverter Cassette is one of the best units on the market. The unit allows you to enjoy the full benefits of an aircon inverter unit. You can be sure of saving up to 50% energy consumption in your home or business. The system also comes with the latest technology to allow you to control it without much difficulty. It is also easy to use and maintain, so there is no need to worry about calling a technician to guide you through it.