Monday, 16 May 2016

What Causes Smelly Aircon & How To Fix It?

If the air con in your car or home in Singapore is giving unusually smelly air when you turn it on then definitely there must be something wrong with it. You can find out the reason of the foul smell coming out of your air conditioner by using various methods. Normally certain damage in your AC can be one of the major causes of such unwanted smells. Some of the other reasons that can cause the emission of certain smells are briefly discussed here under so that you can arrange to fix them accordingly.

Bacteria and mould:
The growth of mould, mildews and bacteria in the air vents of your air con can be one of the main reasons of peculiarly smelly air coming out of it when you turn it on. The growth of the micro-organisms like fungi, bacteria and mould increases with the age of your car or home as they develop their homes in the nook and corners as well as behind the evaporator or dashboard of your home and car. They may go on growing and giving unpleasant odour even if the air conditioner is not in use. But their growth increases after turning on the air conditioning unit due to excessive dripping of water into it. You should ensure proper working of your AC along with locating its drain tube to fix this problem. You can destroy the bacteria growing behind the dashboard of your car or in the corners of your home by using some good quality anti-bacterial treatment. You can also inject this anti-bacterial treatment into the case of your AC to avoid these smells more effectively. But while treating your AC you should turn its compressor off and run its fan only for some time so that the water in it can be evaporated easily that helps in the growth of the bacteria and mould.

Leakage of gas:
If it smells like gas whenever you turn on your car air con then there must be leakage in the gas pipeline. The smell of gas is sucked in by your AC into the fresh air taken by it from outside, whenever you turn it on. You will have to repair the leakage of gas to resolve this problem. In order to find out the spot of gas leakage you will have to search at various locations like pressure regulator for fuel in the engine, rings of fuel injector in the engine compartment and the muffler and exhaust pipes of your car. If you find it difficult to search yourself then you can avail the services of a professional service provider.

Unclean air filters:
Your car air con can also give smelly air if its air filters are not clean. They can collect stagnated water, dust mites and dirt along with other pollutants that can be harmful for you if they are not cleaned properly well in time. All these collections can cause bad odour every time you turn your car AC on. This problems can be resolved easily just by changing the old filters of your car AC with new ones and cleaning them regularly in future.

Leakage of antifreeze:
If the smell coming from your air con is sweet even then it needs your immediate attention. The leakage of toxic antifreeze or liquid ethylene glycol in the cooling system can be the only reason of this sweet smell. You will have to check the pipe or hose, heater core, the radiator or coolant housing unit to detect the source of problem to fix it at an earliest.

Fixing the problem of smelly air con
The problem of smelly air coming from air con whenever turned on can be fixed easily by cleaning its drain pan and coils along with replacing its filters regularly and servicing your AC to ensure its effective running. You can follow the steps given here under to accomplish this task yourself. The things you will need for this purpose may include screwdriver, clean dust rag, wet and dry vac, hose sprayer, condenser coil cleaner, scrub brush, long piece of stiff wire, condenser pan cleaner and air filter, if required.

In order to start fixing the problem of smelly air con you should first of all turn off the power at breaker box for your car AC. Now open the cover of evaporator coil near the air or furnace handler. It is usually covered with two A-shaped frame panels which may or may not be fixed with the help of screws.

Now take the piece of stiff wire and run it through the drain hole of the condenser pan to push out the debris or dirt clogging it. If you do not have a stiff wire then you can also straighten a clothes hanger for this purpose. Now you can rinse the pan with clear water after brushing away the dirt or mold from the pan. Now follow the instructions of the manufacturer and add a condenser pan cleaner into the drain of its condenser pan.

Now remove the debris, moisture and dirt from the coils first with the help of a clean and soft rag and then use a dry or wet vacuum to clean the remaining dirt. After removing dirt, you should follow the directions of the manufacturer and spray a coil cleaner on the coils to remove remaining bacteria and moulds from it.

Then slide out the filter of your AC and inspect it to find out debris, mold and dirt in it. If it has been used for more than three months or found stuck with dirt and debris then you should preferably replace it.

You should also replace the panels of evaporator coils and the panel covering of the condenser coils after cleaning them thoroughly with a suitable cleaner and drying on the exterior of the cooler. Now your car air con is ready to turn on without any smelly odour. You can turn on its power back.

Thus you can remove the causes of smelly car air con and fix the problem effectively in Singapore by making some efforts yourself. You can also hire a professional service provider if you find it difficult to do it yourself.

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