Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Tips On Car Aircon Cleaning

To protect against unpleasant odors, you should regularly clean and disinfect your air conditioning system in the car. Care protects the air conditioner from expensive repairs. The air conditioning in your car is no longer a luxury item today. Already around 90 percent of all new cars have a built-in standard. But if you do not take care of it regularly, it can quickly become an expensive accessory. A major problem is the creeping loss of refrigerant, which evaporates about eight percent per year.

If you do not fill the refrigerant in time, it will noticeably reduce its effect. And if the level drops below the critical point, the system switches off completely. Due to the lack of coolant, the compressor lacks lubrication, resulting in high costs. Prevent consequential damage in good time.

• Have maintenance performed every two years at the latest to avoid high repair costs. Here are costs between 120 to 200 euros. Bear in mind, if repair costs are incurred, they can quickly climb to a thousand euros or more.

• It makes sense to replace the pollen filter immediately and to disinfect the system.

• It is also advisable to use the annual climate check. Often professionals find here already first shortcomings.

But regular maintenance intervals not only help you save, they are also important for your driving safety. When the heat in the car heats up, the concentration decreases and you react more slowly, which increases the risk of accidents.

By proper care, avoid health risks
Your air conditioning system is used for cooling and dehumidification. As a result, residual moisture from the condensate remains on the evaporator and air filter. This is an ideal breeding ground for fungi and bacteria, which spread over the air in the vehicle interior. Of the putrefactive bacteria comes the musty odor and may trigger allergic reactions. These problems can also be overcome with simple means.

-The simplest solution is to park your system five to ten minutes before the end of the journey. This allows the condensation to dry completely and the mushrooms and bacteria are removed from the soil.

-If the musty smell still remains, use a disinfectant from the car accessories.

-To do this, set the ignition and turn on the circulating air. Then open the center, put it in the car and close all the doors and windows. The disinfectant can be used for a few minutes and then air well. If that does not work, your air conditioning needs professional cleaning by a specialist.

Cleaning sprays, which are offered by different manufacturers, move in roughly the same price range. The application is simple: The foam from the can is sprayed directly into the evaporator with a longer hose in the engine compartment. After half an hour exposure time you start the engine, opens all the air vents, turns up the air conditioner fully and leaves it running for some time, so that the active ingredient can spread well. In contrast to the foam, the spray in the passenger compartment with the engine running, the windows closed and the circulating air blower switched on are set to the highest level and temperature in the footwell (in the intake area of ​​the air conditioning system) and activated at the push of a button. After about 15 minutes, the spray mist has completely escaped from the can.

One filling is sufficient for the complete disinfection of the air conditioning and ventilation system. During disinfection you must not stay inside the car. Afterwards, the interior must be thoroughly ventilated.

This is how air conditioners work
A gas that you compress heats up. Conversely, it cools down when it expands again. This principle use air conditioners. The coolant is sucked by the compressor and compressed, then it is cooled in a subsequent heat exchanger. This causes the gas to change to a liquid state. A dryer then filters any existing water from the coolant. Then the coolant passes to an expansion valve, from where it is dispensed metered into the evaporator. Due to the fact that the coolant is no longer under pressure here, it passes back into the gaseous state when passing through the evaporator. Heat is needed for this unit change. This is extracted from the air flowing to the evaporator. As a result, the air after the evaporator is strongly cooled and passes through the ventilation nozzles in the interior. From the compressor, the cooling liquid (now in the gaseous state) is sucked in again and the cycle starts from the beginning.

Therefore, it makes sense to turn on air conditioning once a week for ten minutes even in winter. This maintains the functionality of the compressor and ensures a long service life. In addition, the system dehumidifies the air in the interior, which gives you a better view - provided you maintain your air conditioning properly.

For the air conditioning system to function properly in the long term, regular maintenance is mandatory. In the air conditioning service, the functions of the most important components such as refrigerant compressor, condenser, evaporator and expansion valve tested. Hoses and gaskets can also age, dry out and become leaky. Manufacturers therefore recommend an annual check of the air conditioning in a specialist workshop. A good date for the air conditioning service is the spring, before the upcoming warm summer time and before the air conditioning has to bring full power back.

There are no long waiting times in the workshops and the car is well prepared for hot days. The most important thing is to visit a specialist workshop that has the necessary prerequisites: a special air conditioning service unit and trained specialist staff. Improper maintenance can cause serious damage, so only trained mechanics should work on an air conditioner.

Not every inspection automatically checks the air conditioning. At the latest when the cooling performance decreases, the system should be checked for possible coolant loss. Even without a leak, air conditioners lose a certain amount of coolant over time On average, about eight percent a year. This not only reduces the cooling capacity. The likelihood of expensive consequential damage also increases because the refrigerant not only provides cooling. With the added oil, it also lubricates the compressor and protects seals from drying out. If a new compressor is due, including installation more than 1000 euros can come together.

The environment is also protected

Another point in favor of a regular air conditioning service: escaping coolant pollutes the environment. Regular maintenance is therefore also a measure for environmental protection, since leaks are detected and eliminated. In addition, the health benefits from a germ-free air conditioning, bacteria and fungi is made. In contrast, germ-laden air from the air conditioner not only makes you tired, it can also irritate your eyes and respiratory system. Therefore, especially allergy sufferers should not neglect the air conditioning maintenance.