Sunday, 29 July 2018

Why Regular Aircon Servicing Can Actually Save You Money

Regular aircon servicing can actually save you money because it can save the most expensive thing required for its proper working, energy. Every aircon user tries to save energy due to its higher cost. Aircon is one of the appliances used in almost every home as well as commercial establishment that consumes the most energy, especially in hot and humid regions. Thus by reducing the consumption of energy by servicing your aircon regularly you can easily save money.

Regular maintenance of an aircon can be the best way to be sure that your cooling appliance is not wasting energy. The efficiency of your air conditioner depends on the working condition of its various parts including fins, coils and filters. If they are maintained regularly then they can improve the performance of your appliance and hence reduce the consumption of the energy. The ways to save money by servicing an air conditioner regularly are being briefly discussed in this write-up for your guidance.

Reasons to save money by regular servicing of aircon parts

Filter of the aircon
Filter of an aircon is one of its most important parts that provide you clean and healthy air inside your home or office. If the filter is clogged or blocked with dirt and dust then the flow of air in your premise will be blocked. This dirt and dust can also affect the heat absorbing capability of the evaporator coil when it bypasses the dirty filter and get into the coil. It has been proved through various studies that you can reduce the consumption of energy by almost 15% by cleaning or replacing the dirty and clogged filter of your aircon. Some of the filters used in air conditioners can be cleaned and reused whereas some have to be replaced every time.

Though cleaning and replacement of the filters depends upon the consistency of running the aircon still they should be cleaned or repaired from time to time to ensure its good performance. While using replaceable filters you should replace them after every two months otherwise you should clean it frequently to save more money. The frequency of cleaning or replacing the aircon filter can increase if you have fur bearing animals in your house or live in a dusty environment.

Coils of the aircon
Another important part of your aircon that needs regular servicing is its coils, evaporator coil and condenser coil. With time both of these coils collect dust especially when the filter of the aircon gets dirty and clogged. The flow of air in these coils reduces when they are insulated with dust which in turn reduces their heat absorbing capability. So to avoid the occurrence of such problems and to ensure the proper working condition of the aircon you should clean its coils on annual basis.

If the plants are nearby the outdoor condenser coil or it is located near dirty environment then this coil is likely to be dirty more frequently. So you should locate the condenser coil on your aircon to allow you to check dirt of its fins and clean it as and when required. So to keep your condenser coil clean you should not install it near drier vents, lawn mowers and falling leaves. You should remove dirt and debris collected around the condenser coil to ensure its proper working.

Fins of aircon coil
The evaporator coil and condenser coil of almost every air conditioner have aluminum fins. These fins can block the air flow around the coils when they are bent due to any reason. You can use the tool provided with your aircon to comb its fins to straighten them into original condition. You can increase the cooling efficiency of your aircon by keeping these fins straight.

Window seals and condensate drains
Your aircon will not be able to reduce indoor humidity if its drainage system is clogged and hence it can change the color of your carets and walls. So to ensure the proper functioning of condensate drain you should use a stiff wire through its drain channel every now and then. Moreover moisture can damage the seal between the metal case of the aircon and the window frame. So before starting it in summers you should ensure that this seal is intact to stop the outward flow of cool air from your home.

Maintenance by professional service
You should prefer to call a professional aircon service for the regular maintenance of your air conditioner if it requires more than one regular service in the season. Though you will have to spend more as the fee of the professional still you will save lots of money. An experienced and trained professional will fix the problem in your aircon permanently by finding its root cause. Along with servicing your aircon the professional service provider will check the level of refrigerant in it, check leakage in refrigerant by using leak detector tool and capture the removable refrigerant for its safe disposal.

He will also check the leakage in the duct of the central system of your air conditioner along with its electric control system to ensure proper working of its cooling and heating systems. He will also check the accuracy of its thermostat, amount of air flowing through its evaporator coil, tightness and wearing of belts and oil motor and cleanliness of its electrical system.

Thus, by regular maintenance of aircon you can really save money as it will improve its performance and reduce energy consumption. In fact, in hot and humid regions an air conditioner is a very important appliance for comfortable living, either in a household or a commercial establishment. It not only controls the indoor temperature of a place but also consumes the maximum energy. So, to save money it becomes necessary to control the wastage of energy by regular servicing.